Transformative space

The project proposes to occupy a disused space, a dark and unoccupied inner courtyard for years.

The proposal opens up new possibilities, new routes; a new space of centrality, a space of free appropriation, a space of socialization, a space that transforms the way of using and living the school.

A prefabricated construction system of CLT laminated wood allows the operation to be carried out during the two months of summer school vacations, deconstructing part of the existing façade to integrate the new space with the school, opening new perspectives, integrating the auditorium as a study space polyvalent. The two resulting patios provide light and ventilation to the classrooms and the new space, they will be landscaped to naturalize the space and feed the existing water table.

Structurally, the intermediate slab hangs from the roof by means of braces that free up the entire ground floor and open a double visual connection space between floors. The roof becomes a new sunny patio connected to the existing dining room, allowing it to be used as a dining room in good weather.


C/ Jaume I, el Conqueridor, 2. Vic

Project year



© Adrià Goula


  • Awarded work at the Anells de la Fusta Awards of the Fusta i Moble Guild, in the category of interior design works 2023