Reurbanization of Catalunya Square and Roger de Flor Street

Roger de Flor Street is a connecting axis between Vallmora Park and the beach. The redevelopment project of this street and Catalunya square starts from the idea of merging the two contexts (beach-mountain) through a draining mixed pavement, large landscaped tree pits and some chairs in different colors and shapes as a reminiscent of beach loungers.

The recovery for a recreational use of a street invaded by cars and an underused square due to the levels is proposed. Visual and accessibility obstacles are eliminated (wall, sidewalk, stairs, …), the existing vegetation is preserved and integrated and the square is transformed into a much more friendly and sustainable rest area thanks to the new draining pavement and the new vegetation zones.


C/ Roger de Flor. El Masnou

Project year



© Jordi Comas


  • Awarded work at 6th Exhibition of Maresme Catalan Architecture 2021