Petit Miquel school

Located in the Vic Seminary building, cataloged as an Asset of Local Interest, the austere and monumental spaces of the building are transformed into more flexible and domestic didactic spaces. Classes are physically and visually communicated with each other and open up to circulation areas, allowing them to be used as new learning areas. The sequence of visuals, natural light, the use of natural materials such as wood or ceramic and the acoustic improvement of the spaces help to achieve the desired comfort feeling.

The renaturation of the inner courtyard of the building is achieved by removing a part of the old concrete sports court to introduce draining pavements and vegetation. The waste from the demolition is used as a subbase for these new draining pavements, making the proposal more sustainable. The preserved part of the court is used as a square and the traces of the original painted lines are preserved. Some organic benches windingly order the boundary between the square and the new recreational areas. Trees and shrub species allow us to perceive the seasons and feed the visual landscape from inside the classrooms.


Ronda Camprodon, 2. Vic

Project year



© Adrià Goula


  • Awarded work in the first edition of the El Temps de les Arts Awards, in the category of Architecture 2021
  • Awarded work at 8th Edition of Mostres d’Arquitectura Catalana of Comarques Centrals 2016-2020
  • Awarded work at the Patronat recognitions of the Old City of Vic 2016 – 2021