Monumento a los Caídos

The intentional monument is one that has the function of remembering an event or a character from the past and responds to a motive or interest, its purpose is to overcome the temporal distance, reject the passage of time; it is a link that connects the past with the present. Its function is to keep the memory alive, to stop forgetting”.

“The value of the intentional monument is conditioned since it is preserved insofar as the person or event that is remembered with it still matters for society.” When the social interest disappears, the monument has no meaning”.

Alois Riegl,”Der Moderne Denkmalkutus, sein wesen und seine entstehung” 1903

El Monumento a los Caídos (Monument to the Fallen), is clearly an intentional monument. Therefore, since it is a monument where the intention and the motive not only no longer exist but are in contradiction with the concept of democratic space, having also lost its intended use, its non-conservation is proposed.

It is proposed to dismantle the building and recover its remains to generate a new urban space.


Plaza de la Libertad – Parque Serapio Esparza. Pamplona

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