Marta Mata School

comas-pont + Marc Rifà

As opposed to a heterogeneous environment, we conceive a neutral aesthetically building. A homogeneous white skin, like a shell, covers the building façades; only where it bends inward appear yellow interstices, reflecting the interior luminosity and warmth.

The building joins two urban plots: the garden city with single-family houses and a new residential area with large blocks. It is developed in an L-shape, with a volume on the ground floor parallel to the only urbanized street (which includes a gym, kitchen, dining room, library and administration) and another on pb + 1, parallel to the street planned in the new planning ( containing the classrooms).

Like a joint element of all spaces, large double height lobby connects the child area access and primary zone and it is connected with administration, services and playground.


C/ de la Torre Esteper, 1. Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona)

Project year



© Jordi Comas


  • First prize – Project adjudication
  • Special mention at the 7th Exhibition of Vallès Architecture 2016