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comas-pont + SUMO arquitectes

The building is a compact volume of 30×27 m and 5 floors located between the existing courtyard of the Pare Poveda school and the gardens of Dr. Comas i Llobera. The compact volumetry makes it possible to free up the drainage surface to the maximum and conserve part of the trees of the existing park.

The entire program of the building is organized around a central atrium conceived as a community and multipurpose space that visually relates all the spaces of the high school. In this triple-height space, students can use the widening spaces as an area for recreational activities or socialization. This central space is illuminated and ventilated through a large skylight on the roof.

The concrete structure, with a long useful life, low cost and a lot of thermal inertia, contributes directly to the passive comfort of the building. Low environmental impact materials have been chosen for the secondary enclosures, prioritizing the use of organic materials (such as wood) or recycled and dry construction systems that can be reusable.


Avda. Vallcarca, 200. Districte de Gràcia. Barcelona

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  • First prize – Project adjudication