Psychopedagogical Medical Center. Osonament

Care services for people with mental illnesses are unified in this building composed by the repetition of a 6 meters wide and variable length spatial unit. Its economic and sustainable construction system, the domestic scale and the warmth of the interior spaces added to the close relationship with the nature makes it a healthy building.

The building is located on the outskirts of Vic next to the main health centers of the city and its program is developed essentially on a ground floor to facilitate the mobility of its users.

The rest of the pavilions with their specific program are grouped around a central access pavilion, adapted to the topography and separated by gardens and orchards. The exterior austerity of the building thanks to a single cladding material for facades and roofs contrasts with the use of wood as the main element in the interior or the lining cork of the greenhouse façades.

The constructive system is economical, modular and efficient and allows the building to be adapted to the energy demand based on its occupation and the outside climate with passive systems such as the ventilated roof or the vegetable greenhouse-porches on the south façades.


C /Josep Maria Selva 2. Vic

Project year



© Adrià Goula


  • Award-winning work at the XIV Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2018
  • Awarded work at the NAN awards with the Spanish Work with the best energy efficiency 2018
  • Awarded work at the Architecture Awards Build 2017 (England)
  • Second prize at Sustainable Construction Awards of Castella i Lleó 2018
  • Finalist work at the FAD Awards 2017
  • Finalist work at the CSCAE Awards 2017
  • Finalist work at the Mapei Awards 2018
  • Finalist work at the 2A Europe Architecture Award
  • Nominated work at Mies Van de Rohe European Awards 2017
  • Mentioned building on Architectural Processes (innovation, sustainability and efficiency) awards, from CSCAE 2014
  • Award-winning work at 8th Edition of Mostra d’Arquitectura Catalana of Comarques Centrals 2016-2020