La Biblioteca. Institut Sant Miquel

The new library is the pilot test of the global reform of the Sant Miquel highschool that aims to radically transform the building to adapt the spaces to new pedagogical methods and generate new areas of free appropriation for the students.

The library is relocated to the corner of the building, turning it into a main space, with more light and visibility. It is internally organized into two spaces separated by a wall-shelf that pivots on itself. This element serves as a filter and at the same time connects a large study room with another informal reading space.

The bookcases are arranged around the perimeter of the library and frame the existing windows providing a climatic and acoustic improvement and in turn, freeing up the central space to increase its versatility.

The use of natural materials such as wood, acoustic control and the sequence of spaces and openings favor the comfort and luminosity of the library which, thanks to its configuration, allows to be used for other educational activities.


C/ Jaume I, el Conqueridor, 2. Vic

Año del proyecto



© Adrià Goula


  • Awarded work at 8th Edition of Mostres d’Arquitectura Catalana of Comarques Centrals 2016-2020