House in the forest

Located in a natural environment, the house emphasizes the landscape values of the place and integrates with nature.

The house is placed in the upper area of the land to take advantage of the visuals and to avoid modifying the rocky subsoil. The U-shape allows to preserve the existing oaks and all the rooms are visually related to the forest. To the north, the house is suspended and oriented to the landscape.

The car park is embedded in the slope that borders the access road and its green roof integrates it into the landscape and makes it invisible from the house. Some stairs placed on the land itself connects with the path that, through a short “promenade”, approaches you to the house access.

The house responds to the place without artifice, with natural materials such as concrete or iron that change over time. The formwork with wooden planks of the concrete integrates the facades with the forest. The relationship between the interior spaces and the landscape changes depending on their orientation or visuals.


C/ Collsuspina, par. 562. Muntanyola

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© Jordi Comas


  • Special Mention at 7th Exhibition of Central Regions Architecture 2016