Riells i Viabrea Primary Health Care Centre (CAP)

The project adapts to the natural environment by introducing the landscape inside the building through a linear central courtyard. Around it, the building is organized in two parallel volumes on the ground floor joined by the reception area, at the same time connected to the access porch. A part of the building is raised on the first floor to hide and access the roof installations area.

The natural wood structure (CLT slab and walls) favor the hygrothermal behavior of the building, the sustainability of the solution and the construction process speed. Part of this structure is visible inside the waiting rooms together with the recycled wood paneling (OSB) to accentuate the feeling of warmth and interior well-being.

Externally, the façades are solved with a corrugated metal skin, micro-perforated in front of the windows, to take weight off the building and enhance the aesthetics of an object in the middle of the surrounding forest.


C/ de baix s/n. Riells i Viabrea

Project year



© Adrià Goula


  • First prize – Project adjudication
  • Awarded work for the Circular Economy at the Mapei Awards 2022 Edition